Anne van Kesteren

Updates follow

Next Monday this weblog will be updated. Currently the font is unreadable and not every page uses the same theme. I'm going to add a nice looking calendar. I also would like to have nice URI's, because now it looks awful. I think I'm going to ask some extra features on the Nuclues Support Forums.

When I installed this blog the first time it didn't work. Which made me angry, because this is the fifth blog I'm trying out (before I've had Blogger (not pro), Wordpress (still looking great), my own (offline) and I tried MovebleType. So actually this is my fifth! The reason it didn't work was because of those ugly php_short_open_tags (<?). I found a place to download newer versions of NucleusCMS, probably 2.1 or something similar where it was replaced with <?php, which is fine on my webserver, I shut down php_short_open_tags, cause I use XML sometimes.

Not related: I'm going to use XML, XSLT, XSL-FO (not sure about this one) and XML Schema much more, cause I just got four (!) books of Oreilly (ordered two weeks ago, so that's real fast for a small country as The Netherlands is). Maybe a bit of a show of, but the books are:

Back to NucleusCMS. The short_open_tag thing is fine now, but it's not good for people who are new to PHP or weblogging. But okay I managed it. Next problems: my entries are not validated, so entries may be invalid, this is a serious problem especially with mime-headers. So this is going to be a feature request, also for comments. Markup must be correct and valid on this blog. And I want nice URIs and I mean really nice.