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Archiving good old Blogger

This morning was the right time, I thought. I took my old Blogger archives (Dutch) and made them standard-compliant. Most was, but there were some acronyms and abbreviations to fix. With a lot of search and replace I'm pretty proud of what I achieved in an hour or two.

There may come more Dutch articles on that page or anything related (In Dutch). I will mention it on this blog if something "big" changes back there. For now, Dutch people have something to read. Out of date information: Great!


  1. Any tips on how to work through hundreds of malformed XHTML posts? My archive dates back to 2000 and since application/xhtml+xml is served, the oldest items are fucked up in Mozilla (e.g.

    An XML-RPC validation and repair tool for XHTML snippets would be nice :) If you ever find one of those, let me know.

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  2. There are things to validate XML (I spammed the Nuclues Forum with it), but I don't know about repairing those errors. Simon Willison does it one someone reports a problem with one of his "dynamic pages". You could do the same.

    Or you could walk back the hundred latest items. I found errors in item 32, 33, 40, 57-60. Let me guess with you're doing this evening :p.

    Posted by Anne at

  3. I had this good intentions before ( but never got to it :)

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  4. Only visible in Mozilla? That is so last century! (Remember the browser wars?) Whatever happened to graceful degradation?

    Posted by Ben de Groot at

  5. Sorry, I think I wrote that the wrong way. I'll edit it.

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  6. OK, now I understand. That's living on the (cutting) edge. Which cuts off a large part of your possible audience. But maybe that will urge them to finally get a better browser!

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  7. I've been playing around with that PHP tool from Simon Willison. I came up with a tool that checks 100 of my nucleus entries at a time.

    Code is at:,

    (code is to be run from

    Sample of output is at:

    I've put some auto-fixes in it, to make my work a little easier.

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  8. aargh, there was an error in the code that messed up the entry when autoreplace happened :( Glad I have a backup

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  9. hey.. can u tell me how to archive? thanks

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