Anne van Kesteren

Today it's official...

...limpid is now registered at the KVK. Have a look for yourself. The contact information could be changed since this is a company with two owners and we don't know were we wanting our post mail.

It started all one year ago one I was struggling with Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (perfectly legal) and Arthur told me that it's actually quite easy to learn the basics of HTML. I learned it by buying two really nice books for starters. At that time I was totally into frames. That was before I knew server-side was an option (and cache of course) to avoid having the same information stored in multiple files. The same information in multiple files has always looked as a horror to me and it still does.

That was the biggest reason to "dive into frames" back then I think. Arthur had written a "nice" script for people who came from a source engine. That was all done in JavaScript and when that script finally worked (it took two days) we thought we were the best :). We also wanted to make multiple versions of our site. One with frames and Flash, one with frames without Flash, and finally one with tables for the browsers that aren't that good at handling our "advanced" scripts and of course a basic text file which contains all the information.

O, we were stupid back then, o yeah. But it's really fun to see what you can learn in only one year, while having to go to school and stuff. Today Arthur is getting better and better at graphics and he knows almost everything that CSS2 covers (but not always how to use it). I think his favorite subject when it comes to the W3C is accessibility. Everything should be correct. Hey, isn't "home" an English word? Mark it up that way will you! He says that in Dutch of course.

I learned quite a lot about XHTML (and still learning) and I'm starting to know the properties of CSS3 and what the plans are from the W3C with XHTML (XML) (more about that later). I also took a start at the world of server-side scripting (PHP al the time!) and databases of course (I think you can guess this one ;)).

So that's our little story, what's yours?


  1. Veel succes!

    Posted by Ben at

  2. Well, what to say, I am jealous ;)
    You achieved all this knowledge in one year??? Damn!

    I've been around the web for about six years now, and I wasted sooooo much time working for an ad agency, doing my handy dandy Dreamweaver stuff. With the beginning of this year I woke up, went back to the roots, restarted hand-coding, focused on standards and accessibility and ....zap....I was dismissed.

    Now I am cooking in my own researchkitchen, just like you.

    I wish you all the best, and keep on writing here, it is a great pleasure!!

    Posted by Minz Meyer at

  3. En via die Minz Meyer ontdekte ik jouw site!

    Minz Meyer leerde ik dan weer ontmoeten via de CSS Zen Garden.

    Eerlijk is eerlijk, ik ben ook al een aantal jaren aan het sleutelen geweest met tabellen en frames en dergelijke.

    Pakweg een maand of tien geleden stapte ik er vanaf tijdens mijn zoektocht naar betere toegankelijkheid... (accessibility)

    Ik stuitte op ondermeer CSS Zen Garden, en geloof me, ik was compleet gewonnen voor XHTML en CSS.

    Ik wens je het beste en sorry dat ik dit in het Nederlands doe, maar Engels lezen gaat wel, maar schrijven...

    Posted by Mario De Zutter at

  4. Welke boeken heb je gebruikt om HTML te leren?

    Posted by Tweakerrrr at

  5. Wow. Seems like you're getting quite an audience around here. Of course this is for the best, but might I suggest that you could let someone read the text before posting? It's alright for now, but if you would like to grow into a famous blog - and I know you do - correct spelling is a key feature.

    Good luck to you and I'll keep you informed about the GeneCSS project. ;)

    Posted by Bas Hamar de la Brethonière at

  6. Bas you should e-mail more often about that and you still have the MIME-type problem ;). So if you take of that, I will try to do something about my English writings :).

    Tweaker, I used the books from Peter Kassenaar and the last book I bought about HTML was one of Oreilly: "HTML &XHTML: The Definitive Guide" (a Dutch edtion).

    About the Dutch comments: It's no problem, look in the source ;).

    Thanks everyone!

    Posted by Anne at

  7. I started learning HTML in 1996, after I first made a really corny homepage in Frontpage. You know, the usual crappy first website with black backgrounds and yellow headers. And tables, I used them for everything. :)

    Then about a year ago a friend of mine (Jan!) introduced me to CSS and I just started experimenting. My page now validates as XHTML 1.1 and although my CSS is still a mess, I've accomplished my goals and it works in every browser, which is what we all want I suppose.

    Posted by Arthur! at

  8. I have learned just about enough PHP + CSS + XHTML to maintain my website. Since my day job is not connected in any way with these, I just havent got the time to explore beyond the rudimentary knowledge that I currently have. One of these days, I will though ...

    Posted by anand at

  9. This is great news! I wish you both the best of luck with your business.

    Dutch websites will never be the same again...:)

    Posted by Lars at