Anne van Kesteren

Updates [more to come]

All my pages are now send as application/xhtml+xml even the admin pages. I needed to hack into the Nucleus core-code, but I have done it. With this done I think I make a chance coming on the X-Philes page of Evan Goer, who is writing some interesting things about XHTML2.0 be sure to check his Markup section (If you like Markup of course :p).

All the things I found are reported as "bugs" at the Nucleus Support Forums. And just a minute of five after reporting the first things are getting fixed.

I also updated the sidebar. The login function and some random links have been removed. I'm currently working on a makeover of the external page, I'm thinking of experimenting with the :target pseudo-class. It's currently not supported by IE6 (currently.... LOL). I expected my readers to use Mozilla or equal, but when I took a look at the stats... 27.83 uses IE6! Fortunately IE5.5 and IE5.0 aren't used by any of my readers. Maybe they are used.. it was the top 15 of 250 UA's.

Tip for IE users, switch over so the code will be nicely formatted ( Screenshot ), the title attribute shows the size and this will be the standard, if I'm ever going to let you see an images again...