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Agree, disagree and links

CSS Styles in RSS content is a good thing, so I disagree. I agree with the development of List-o-matic and WaiZilla (content is coming soon I hope). I also agree with Tantek about the beta validator and even more with the issues about the lost attributes value and start for the ol element.

To go on I agree that I 'helped Simon Jessey out' and he has now Satisfied Hixie. Send Evan Goer an email Simon ;). I'm still wasting my time, while I could have made that JavaScript in 5 minutes. I do not agree with A it should be B. Contest, Dutch people go there. You can win Macromedia stuff, yeah! (not..). For people who can't read manuals and don't want to wait 5 days before they got most things working.

Bug 204401, yep one of the duplicates is mine :). I don't like what Hixie says: text-decoration is not... block-level descendants of inline elements. Got the point? In short: text-decoration is not valid for usage on ins or del elements.

Great mind? :). Correct Bitmap Support in Flash. Just wait until I reveal the secrets of SVG or you could just read it for yourself. I'm checking his remaindered links every day, but not a single day I saw Nottke and he should have noticed. He did. CSS2.1 is almost finished, should we read it?

This post was pure what I liked, if you don't agree, tell me.



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  2. Hi, Thanks for the shout out to WaiZilla. The site is now over on a new server, so expect more up there over the next week. New design and shiny logo would be appreciated from anyone!

    It is also now an offical mozdev project:
    Tim Roberts

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  3. Concerning RSS/CSS, more here:
    disobey, September 21.

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