Anne van Kesteren

September is the month to switch.

I switched between hosting weblog systems. And now I switched from hosting provider. I think I really like my new one :). It costs more (of course), but all the things I needed were already installed and I also saw 'tomcat' on one of the domain management pages. Let's start using JSP (title provided ;))! It is a Dutch hoster: de internet man.

Somewhere today I will release the third part of learning. Sorry for being offline all the time. Contact does work now BTW.


  1. Is het toeval dat de verandering van hosting-provider samenviel met een hardeschijfcrash van D-Creations? Of was dat je provider niet (ik weet het nml. niet zeker meer)?

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  2. Correct. En met name, omdat dit vaker voorkwam.

    Posted by Anne at