Anne van Kesteren

Interesting bugs

Interesting Mozilla bugs. NOTE: It is not interesting that they have bugs, but that they already started to implement these things.

The example code from Hixie (written in CSS and XHTML, duh..). Note that this code is not correctly rendered in IE. Please view source ;):

 Line one <span> Line one. </span> Still line one. <span> Line one.
 Line two. </span> Line two.
 background:no-repeat url(blob) top left;

After I thought about this for a while it seems to be totally correct to not render it innermost. The only disadvantage of this is that people could think the following rule is valid (it is invalid): ::first-line span. This is invalid since there can't be any selector after a pseudo-element. With pseudo-classes this is perfectly fine, so :hover + span is ok, but it doesn't work in Mozilla.