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Zen gardener Dave Shea, creator of CSS Zen Garden has probably designed the new Mozilla website. The website is really nice created using web standards and there is some added benefit if you are using Mozilla. I think Dave made this site, thanks to the little tip he gave us. I really like this new website and I hope they are finally going to convert all the subpages into this new design. Or make the subpages come out of a database instead of separate files, 'cause they need to beat Microsoft some time.

The site doesn't validate right now (Thanks Rogier!), but I think they will fix that soon.

If you are someone who is trying to learn CSS you defenitely need to check out the following links:

Thanks to Tom Gilder (although I have the feeling I saw this site before): The Hall of Shame.Craig Saila tells us in a comment on Tom's website about a ActiveX-based WYSIWYG editor. A pity it is based on ActiveX and so IE-only, but there aren't that many editor's that create valid XHTML1.1 out of the box :)


  1. Thanks for the links! I'm definately going to check them out!
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