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Jeffrey Zeldman writes something about Eolas and tells us this is bad for web standards. Eric A. Meyer tells about his first paycheck and that Microsoft ruins the web. He has got a point there. My only thougt about this: tell everyone about Mozilla and hope we converted the world before 2006, but I don't think that is going to happen :).

Because of this stupid Eolas thing I started with doing some JavaScript/DOM tests. 1, 2, 3. 2 and three are crashing in Opera 7.20, not in Opera 7.21. But none of the test actually works in Opera, so I opened a thread on the Opera support forums. Nobody has found a solution...

Simon Jessey tells the world about his company, Keystone Websites. It looks nice, easy to read. Not that much design unfortunately, but plenty of intormation. Read technologies for example. There is also a glossary for 'difficult' definitions. It is funny to see how many divs you need to creae a 'shadow' effect. ::outside anyone? Simon, if you read this, fix the link to your portfolio page ;).

I also read Magazine Inspired Layouts, Firebird URL shortcut tips (although I use Mozilla 1.6a :)), Case Study: Het Koloniehuis, Perhaps a Book, Sunday, Oct 05.03, Updates and a new CSS example (how does Tantek know he got comments?), Browser Stats, Date Me and I used ISO-8859-1 Characters in Oct, Hex and HTML.


  1. Thanks for blogging about Keystone Websites for me. I wanted to keep it looking simple because of the particular kind of client I'm after - that is also why I did the guide and glossary. I used many div elements for the shadow effect because I was playing around with it for a while and didn't clean things up afterward. It doesn't really do any harm. You know I can't use CSS3. As far as the portfolio is concerned, it doesn't exist yet. I am still building the site and there won't be anything up on that link until later today at the earliest. None of the sub-navigation links in the services section are working either.

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  2. The site's still looking good, Anne, although I get some funny effects in Camino. Sometimes your links disappear on mouse-over; and the boxes in your form don't display their labels. But I hope that Jacques is not right in the link you give: I mean I hope Camino's days are not numbered.

    Shadow effects? Another thing that there are too many different methods for doing for comfort ... and too many ways that won't work in this or that UA! (Please excuse the tortured syntax.)

    How does Tantek know? Addy on this page: Tantek Çelik

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