Anne van Kesteren

XML Application Markup Language?

I woke up this morning and checked some weblogs. Lots of them are talking about this XAML, which does actually the same as XUL (pronounce as 'zool'), but it is developed by Microsoft. Yes those guys again. FYI: the same people who stopped working on Internet Explorer. You have to check the following sites for more information. I already read three notes about it on weblog and I am not going to write one myself (I think):

If you are trying to learn XUL, just like me, check XULPlanet out, worth a visit ;)


  1. So Microsoft is jealous again of a succesful Open Source application, so they employ their "divide and rule" tactics again. Sigh.

    Posted by Ben de Groot at

  2. Not jealous, this is ultimate world domination. If they get what they want, from 2008 everything runs through Microsoft.. all information, all e-commerce, all everything.

    Do you believe governments are fast enough to respond to this? Or will they in 2010, when every single government employee uses a PC with Longhorn and suddenly realizes he hasn't got a choice anymore? Look at our own government, that's a joke already (but please don't go that far off topic ;-))

    Since I'm reading LOTR anyway: One OS to rule them all. How sad.

    Posted by Mark Wubben at