Anne van Kesteren

XML (book) Wishlist

  1. Creating Applications with Mozilla (Mozilla is hot, damn hot!)
  2. Learning XML, 2nd Edition (I think/hope this one is not too basic, but it is always very nice to have all XML rules in a single book)
  3. XSLT Cookbook (The book XSLT is very good, but practical examples always help)
  4. SVG Essentials (Flash beater number 1, although it isn't supported and it hasn't got a good UI-program yet)
  5. XForms Essentials (To know what I'm talking about and I know it is available for free online, but I'd rather read it offline)


  1. I have Learning XML, 2nd Edition, and I have to tell you that I'm not all that impressed with it. It really is a book for beginners (I would be one of those), and you already possess some skill in XML and XSLT. I'd get a thicker book, if I were you.

    Posted by Simon Jessey at

  2. Creating Applications with Mozilla is available online.

    Posted by David Elfstrom at