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CSS: Grouping

Did you know this? Really interesting if you ask me. It would even be more interesting if browsers would support this correctly.

A small explanation on why it should be green. Out of the CSS2.1 specification:

For example, since the "&" is not a valid token in a CSS2.1 selector, a CSS2.1 user agent must ignore the whole second line, and not set the color of H3 to red:

h1, h2 {color: green }
h3, h4 & h5 {color: red }
h6 {color: black }

Basically, invalid selectors have to be ignored.

Question: a cleaned-up, better defined Simple Tree Transformation Sheets 3 or XSL Transformations? Keep in mind that languages starting with "X" are doomed (not that I totally agree).


  1. Interesting that Opera 7.2x fails. A way to style things for Gecko-machines only? Well, how about Safari?

    Posted by Minz Meyer at

  2. Safari fails this test too, according to the W3C mailing list replies. According to Ian Hickson Opera 7.3 supports this correctly.

    Any chance you are going to post more often Minz? I certainly liked the styling XML (namespaces) posts!

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Well, Anne, certainly.

    I first had to ship around server problems, which should now be solved.

    Apart from that, I am, like you, starting a new business, so there is a lot of other stuff to do.

    But I got some new things in the pipe which will come to life the next couple of days, hopefully. BTW, I'm glad you asked. Makes me feel that it is worth the effort ;))

    Posted by Minz Meyer at

  4. :-) Hey :-)

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