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If it was up to MS

Just a short pointer today. I hope it won't be the future... ongoing · Arcadian XAML. Small quote:

<span class="h2">Arcadian CSS</span>
The Avalon stylesheeting magic has reinvented a lot of CSS semantics, and done it with <markup class="XML"/> rather than { flavor: CSS; }, which at one time I would have thought was a good idea but in the light of RelaxNG and CSS itself I'm not so sure.

(Does anyone know why WP is offline (I don't need it for this weblog BTW)?)


  1. Perhaps some server probs? Matt's site is also offline.

    Posted by Rogier at

  2. Both sites are working fine for me. I've heard various people complaining about their respective ISPs lately, though.

    Posted by ACJ at

  3. Yep, they work again (I download the programm). Mezzoblue was also offline (also hosted by Matt).

    Posted by Anne at