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The Matrix: Revolutions

There could be are spoilers

I saw that movie yesterday. I believe it was launched everywhere on the world at the same time. Probably good, since (if you see it fast after it is released) you can continue reading weblogs :-)

I liked it, but there were some scenes that were not totally 'correct' I think. The trainstation for example. If that guy is can play god there, why is it so easy for Neo to escape from the Matrix and play around with agents?


  1. you shouldn't be thinking about those things...if you try to understand the whole movie you'll get nuts!;) I also went to the cinema yesterday and I think this part is the best part of the trilogy, cause there's more action, more special fx and so on...great movie!

    Posted by Aratramba at

  2. Currently I haven't been able to see it yet. But very soon I will go to the movie. But I think one should see a movie for a leisure, and if understanding costs too much energy it isn't worth it.

    Posted by Mark Monster at

  3. I haven't seen the movie yet (although I looked at 1 & 2 again last week) and I read a lot of disappointment about this one. Of course it is nice just to look at the special effects, but the first two movies had a philosophical touch that raised expectations. Also, in Science Fiction it is important to uphold the suspension of disbelief, to make the alternative world believable, to be at least consistent within itself. This is where there seems to be a fatal break between the first two and the last part of this trilogy. Well, at least now I am prepared not to expect too much when I go to see it.

    Posted by Ben de Groot at

  4. I saw it today, and I loved it. The battle of Zion was so incredibly intense, it left me quite exhausted. The ending seemed fitting, if a little sudden. Obviously the film was not without its flaws, but I enjoyed it too much to make a big deal about them.

    Posted by Simon Jessey at

  5. It's like the jump program from part 1. Not the matrix, but also not the "real" world. It's a great end of a fantastic trilogy. :-)

    Posted by Reinier at

  6. Aratramba, it is not some Die Hard movie :-)

    Simon, I think that was one of my favorite scenes too, though I also really liked 'the real world'.

    Posted by Anne at

  7. Why is it strange that the train man doesn't have control over other than the train station? The train station is in a place between the matrix and the real world, and is not some place you go to when going from RL to the matrix. It is a place you get when lost in the middle between the two worlds, and a place where all non-materialized programs (programs which aren't humans, like The Oracle is) "lives".

    Neo gets to the train station because he's in a sort of a coma where he isn't either in the matrix or in RL, or we might say: he's both places.

    Well, this is how I understand it, anyhow. But Aratramba is right. The Matrix movies aren't supposed to be fully understood. They are just entertainment, after all.

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at