Anne van Kesteren

Alternative to XForms

Although XForms is a really good specification, it is probably too hard for most people. Especially those who just want to make a website. Since XHTML2 is currently planning to include XForms I am very happy that Ian Hickson has proposed an extension to HTML forms. While it was there for more than a month he probably needed to change some small things.

When it was first proposed I addressed some issues and one of them was accepted: <input type="uri"/>. Not sure why I'm mentioning this, but I like it that my input has made the specification more complete. Now let's hope the W3C is going to make a recommendation of this Opera proposal.


  1. Some of the proposals seem a fairly good idea it reminds me of XHTML-FML though other parts looked a little weak. I think the concept is good but needs a lot of work

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  2. Please! Give me feedback! I can't fix it unless you tell me what you think it is that "needs a lot of work".

    Posted by Ian Hickson at

  3. The Web Accessibility aspects seemed a little fuzzy to myself at the moment regarding how the errors will be displayed to grab the users attention in an user-friendly manner via various user-agents.

    Also the help attribute is a good idea though as a disabled user I maybe concerned about how the focus would be addressed. Since if it were kept on the control how would the popup/sidebar opening/closing moving the window and focusing be addressed since it looked as though a different URI value could be used.

    Those were the minor concerns though I am sure you are working on those as we speak, or maybe I have just interpreted some of the text in different way.

    Good Luck.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  4. Yes, those two areas are left undefined on purpose so that user agents can find the most appropriate way of displaying them. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear about them -- could you e-mail me at Thanks!

    Posted by Ian Hickson at