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Good reads + ::scrollbar (again)

Thanks to mailing lists, a way of discussion I just discovered (please remember that this is my second active year on the web ;-)), I have found some very interesting resources. Especially those from Jukka "Yucca" Korpela contain a very high level of detail and are a must read (per RFC 2119).

How to write HTML forms
A large collection of links to external resources. Each link itself is carefully selected (and therefore, sometimes, outdated) and contains a high quality read. I assume everyone can learn something new there!
Guidelines on alt texts in img elements
If you print it, it will be 26 pages :-). Again, everything you want to know about alternative text can be found there and linked. Note that Ian Hickson has also written a nice read on alternate text for images.

I also discovered a bug about colored scrollbars in Mozilla. I basically agree with Ian Hickson's proposal, which isn't that different from mine in the way of selecting the scrollbar. The only problem I have with it is that XBL is probably to difficult for the more regular (normal) webdesigner, although there will be scripts to do it for them (you have to get visitors some way).

I ordered Creating Applications with Mozilla today (I know it is available for free...)!


  1. Agree, Jukka is the man. Just check these:

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  2. Jukka Korpela does tend to write pretty fully on some topics. He has more than most people would ever want to know on character encoding, for example.

    I'd have thought some of his stuff was not exactly your cup of tea, Anne.

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  3. Date of original creation: 1997-04-16. Last update of this page: 2001-10-10.

    :-), probably this is a too short answer, but it was the first thing I thought of...

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