Anne van Kesteren

W3C isn't really consistent

4.4. 'currentColor' color keyword:

CSS1 and CSS2 defined the initial value of the 'border-color' property to be the value of the 'color' property but did not define a corresponding keyword. This omission was recognized by SVG, and thus SVG1.0 introduced the 'currentColor' value for the 'fill', 'stroke', 'stop-color', 'flood-color', 'lighting-color' properties. CSS3 extends the color value to include the 'currentColor' keyword to allow its use with all properties that accept a <color> value. This simplifies the definition of those properties in CSS3.

We all know that should be 'current-color' for consistency between specifications. You would think that they would read each others drafts. Especially if it is about the same subject...


  1. Yes, it should be 'current-color'. No doubt. I would like to hear an explanation why camelcasing was chosen for this property, and not hyphening. It must be nothing more than a glitch, right?

    Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg at