Anne van Kesteren

CSS Diagrams

CSS Diagrams - I totally forgot this links yesterday. It was waiting in my mailbox and I has to be posted.

I must say that I really like those stand alone documents describing a technique in great detail. Such documents are the ultimate resource for something and are very important in discussions.

BTW, can someone come up with a price or something similar for the first person doing this in nested lists? :-)

Before I forget: T-Shirts (100% CSS). This was a link I wanted to post two weeks ago, but you can't remember everything (I hope that's true...).


  1. I saw those CSS diagrams a while back and liked them a lot, although I'm not sure it's a proper application of XHTML ;)

    Posted by David House at

  2. You're quite right, but as the text says, I did it because I didn't have access to any other tools. Besides, it turned out to have some interesting characteristics that a regular image lacks: like being able to change the text size, and including live links in the "diagram". It can also be made to print well.

    In a good browser, you can also include a script to switch between the "graphic" mode and the text equivalent, by switching off the style sheet. Thus you can have a graphic overview and a detailed description all rolled into one.

    Posted by TOOLman at