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Internet Explorer 7

Support for ABBR in Internet Explorer is added!!!

No, it hasn't arrived "just" yet, but I just got mailed by Dean Edwards. He spent all his free time in making our lives easier. Remember that you always wanted that element+the-next-element worked? Or maybe you liked the CSS child selector better. It has just been made possible. The Internet Explorer 7 fix is great! Dean didn't only write all the code, he also made a compatibility test suite so you can test the results for yourself. He even added support for some selectors Mozilla didn't support until recently (lets not forget that the latest version of Internet Explorer is 2 (3?) years old).

First Peter Nederlof came up with :hover for Internet Explorer, now we got lots of new things. Isn't scripting in IE just great! ;-)

(Anne: Should I stop looking for new things? E-mail works great :-))


  1. This wasn't supposed to be live yet! Oh Well. Just so long as your readers realise that this is a work in progress and should be considered an alpha version.
    Feedback is welcome of course.

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  2. I think we still have to wait a long time before we can use it, since backwards-compatibility is very important in the business-sector.

    But it's a nice progress indeed.

    Posted by Jerome at

  3. Dean: How does this work for iframe, frame, embed and object tags?

    var isIE5 = !element.ownerDocument; if (isIE5) element.ownerDocument = element.document;

    Doesn't .document point toward the contained document instead of the owning document? (I'm not that used to HTC..)

    Posted by liorean at

  4. the document property of an element is that element's containing document. in other words - ownerDocument. at least i think so... anyway this is not relevent to this solution as the behavior (htc) is always bound to the html document body. this is true even for xml documents (where the xml is wrapped in html/body tags).

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  5. In IE 6.0 the 'height' property acts (sometimes) like the 'min-height' property. Wil this also be fixed?

    Posted by Jerome at

  6. i'm not aware of this problem. after getting the css2 selectors to work i concentrated on min/max-width/height. i'm still testing this and if i notice any anomalies i will try and fix them.

    if someone wants to come up with a list of ie css non-compliance i'll consider things for inclusion. it could be a pretty big list! so i guess it should be prioritised in some way. anyone know of a suitable reference online?

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  7. Quirksmode has some nice compatibility tables, I hope it's useful for you.

    And great work that script, with that, I can finally use the real power over CSS

    By the way, I've put this on GoT, I hope you don't think I've shouldn't done that.

    Posted by Pieter Belmans at

  8. i love Quirksmode. everybody should give peter-paul koch some money.

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  9. Yeah, it's useful. It's based on his opinion and not the specifications in some cases, however, which I find really hurts my opinion about them. I want a resource to be correct as first priority, complete as second priority, and wide browser spectrum as third priority. He seems to have another priority order. A resource aimed at others should be as objective as possible.

    Posted by liorean at

  10. Maybe MS should stop working on IE altogether... order to start getting some progress over on that "mainstream" browser!

    Good job, but - I am always a bit afraid when taking them their job off: at this point they could start thinking why should we bother developing IE any further? It already supports all the standards, doesn't it?

    Posted by csant at

  11. There's still CSS2/.1 display types to consider, csant, and a whole host of other things. Selectors just make our lives a little bit easier.

    Posted by J. King at

  12. nice script, works good, about ie developers, IE7 won't be a browser in the meaning of that word, and it will only support xhtml/css for backward compatibility, so don't expect major updates there from MS, it will be better, but as far as MS goes, XHTML/CSS will be dead. beware; this partly based on rumours, but if you want to take full advantage of "IE7" you will need to learn another language.

    Posted by RJ at

  13. I'm impressed with the idea, but I haven't had a chance to see it work. The download section at Mr Edward's IE7 site seems to be missing. I copied the source, but it didn't have an affect on my site. Perhaps he just hasn't had a chance to fix the CSS features that I'm using. Perhaps I'm using them, or IE7, wrong.

    Posted by Travis Garris at

  14. I just can't wait till background positioning and hover are fixed by this, IE doesn't fix the background of elements by viewport, and it screwes stuff up on me :P

    If this can all be gotten to work in IE, I will defenitely celebrate.

    Posted by CK at