Anne van Kesteren

HREF - part 1

Since I don't really have the time to set up a link weblog and it doesn't seem to be really easy using wordpress, I'll use link dumps like other weblogs do. (I provided some titles.)


  1. Very interesting, that w3c hyperlink module... So we could set user style sheets to override new-window settings? Kinda cool...

    I'm curious that if they set this up why they didn't bother to include new window height, width, and name (as you can find in javascript new windows).

    Oh, and for your link log: WP-Recent Links.

    Posted by Stephen at

  2. I store my links using, which lets me access my bookmarks as an RSS feed. I then use an MT plugin to access the feed and include it on my site. A quick google turned up a wordpress support article which seems to imply you could do something similar with Wordpress.

    Posted by Sam Newman at

  3. personally, i'm scared of the new target bologna... I'm of the opinion that USERS should always dictate where a hyperlink is opened.

    JavaScript works well enough for defining new window size and exit links

    Doesn't really fit in with the whole structure/content seperation loveliness

    Posted by down1nit at