Anne van Kesteren

Page 23

Ok, lets try it (lines 4-7) (details):

Student: Kan het zijn dat sommige mensen - ik weet niet precies hoe ik het zeggen moet - dat er zich in sommige mensen meer werkzame essentie beweegt en manifesteert dan in andere, ook al zijn ze zich totaal niet van hun essentie bewust?


  1. What's that in english, just out of interest?

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  2. Student:

    Could it be possible - I don't know how I have to say it exactly - that there's more working essence in some people that others, even if they're completely not aware of their essence

    That must be a pretty good translation :)

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  3. The original book is English: "Diamond Heart, Book 1", by "A.H. Almaas".

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  4. Aargh! This thing is taking over all blogs!

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