Anne van Kesteren

Bugzilla Bug 243519

Thanks to that stupid bug, absolute positioning doesn't work correctly if the root element has a border (yes I filed it and yes you need a recent version), my new weblog layout needs to wait a little longer (or should I stop supporting Mozilla and give power to Opera! :evil:). Is there anyone who can recommend me a safe Mozilla hack? I would prefer something like: element:-moz-true-until-bug-fixed(<number>).


  1. Of course you should, as you very well know!


    Posted by Moose at

  2. Code it the way it should be coded, as if everything worked properly. I'm one using a buggy browser.

    Posted by Hemebond at

  3. Er is een groot verschil tussen Mozilla en Opera!

    Vergelijk eens een image gebruikt als link

    Posted by Mario De Zutter at

  4. Definitely, as Hemebond says, code it the way it should be coded. It'll be fixed soon enough.

    And anyway, if filing date approximately corresponds to when it showed up, then it only affects builds from... today on. Not exactly a gigantic number of users.

    Posted by dolphinling at

  5. Heh, this is not a regression people, this was just undiscovered until now.

    Mario, I don't really understand what you are trying to say, do you have a test case?

    Posted by Anne at

  6. I don't know how your new layout is inescapably linked to using this exact positioning technique, but if it is, just wait for the next Mozilla release, see if it's fixed in there and if so, just use your original approach and tell others to upgrade to the newest Mozi :)

    And if the next release doesn't have it fixed, re-asses! ;)

    Posted by Faruk Ates at

  7. I found a method to work around it. I'll probably release later today or tomorrow.

    Posted by Anne at