Anne van Kesteren

Markup purity plugin

Since I like LINK elements I wanted to add some functionality to WordPress. More exactly: rel="next", rel="prev", rel="first" and rel="last" (I tried to add rel="up" as well, but it doesn't seem like the current architecture is appropriate). I numbered the current version as 1.0, since it works correctly and I haven't found any bugs.

You can also choose to output A elements, depending if you pass a '0' or '1' as argument (no argument means A element).

Please see this post for more information on the code, et cetera.


  1. Anne, have you, like a good boy, added this to the Wordpress Wiki, together with a working example or two of 'easily called functions', so that someone could actually copy and paste your solution? Or is it just for the chosen ones? :] M.

    Posted by Moose at

  2. The Wiki is offline at the moment. I was heavily changing stuff this morning, but after Matt went sleeping...

    That was not about this plugin though. What is wrong with just downloading the source and put it in your 'wp-content/plugin' folder? (WordPress 1.2 only.)

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Nothing wrong, except that you then have to call it from the document (index.php or derivative). That is what's missing.

    Posted by Moose at