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Mozilla's CSS3 Selectors implementation report

I can't believe I'm actually typing this directly in the WordPress admin, I probably like it here. That will probably have the side effect of making even more spelling errors in posts, but I don't think that many people care (feedback on spelling is always appreciated though).

The report: Selectors implementation report Mozilla 1.8a (20040518). Although some test cases from the W3C violate the specifications (yeah, they can't even write valid documents themselves...) this implementation report gives quite a clear view in what Mozilla already supports from the selectors (note that the CSS3 module covers the selectors from CSS1, 2.1, 3.0).

Boris noted that if he remembered correctly there are more bugs in Mozilla covering selectors than there are test cases marked red... And that was all, just need some permalink for this.


  1. I thought that Mozilla, just like Opera, allowed spellcheck if ASpell was installed? Or is it more grammar you are afraid of?

    What a lame exuse for a permalink! :P (and what a lame exuse for a comment)

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  2. That's 'excuse' : )

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  3. Oops! Well, this post was spell-checked! ;)

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  4. If you (and almost everybody else), want feedback on typing, it should be to differ the use between «than» and «then». «Then» is mostly used for future reference in sentences, like «Anne created his website, and then drank a cup of coffee». «Than», however, is used when comparing stuff. «I am a better developer than you». I see the word «then» much too often when what should be is «than». :-)

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  5. Anne, why don't you use some kind of iso encoding instead of utf-8?

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  6. Because UTF-8 is better, it just doesn't work correctly for the comment "text" field yet. Not sure why...

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