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I feel I should post something. Important news first; I always thought it was a myth, but Jeffrey Zeldman does indeed reply to e-mails. He explains:

right, but it's a different whitespace bug in IE5/Mac.

(i.e. when i deleted the carriage return, it didn't hurt any version of IE/Win, but it completely wrecked the site in IE5/Mac.)

IE5/Mac does have some of the same whitespace bugs as IE/Win (all versions) but it also apparently has an additional whitespace bug not present in the Windows versions.

You understand the question? Mostly, personal news is what matters most ( ;-) ) and of course I have that too (obviously): my 1 line code change patch fixed the bug.

Today, I was optimistic and filed a bug about box-sizing, I even created some kind of a patch for it. You didn't know CSS3 UI is Candidate Recommendation and people are encouraged implementing the specification? Too bad. The problem with this specification is that there seem to be multiple problems (not yet addressed by the editor though): replaced elements, min/max-width/height, and box sizing and CSS3 UI "icon" property.

Opera 7.5 is released, I like the style from the browser. I stay with Mozilla since I can update it myself if I don't like something. (And of course, spamming bugzilla is fun! :twisted:). The Google blog is not what we expected, really!

I must have forgotten something that was interesting, ah now I remember: fantasai joins Opera and the W3C! And Good First Bugs! There was a lot more, but you know that subscribing to a single weblog is stupid.


  1. Opera 7.5 rocks. Not much more to say about that. ;-)

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