Anne van Kesteren

Wordpress 1.2!

Wow, this version is really cool! Not everything is working correctly yet, but when Mark finishes his list he will probably find some time to help me fix my bugs :-). Now I find out how to connent to (thanks tumtum) I could ask there as well, though the problems are a bit more complicated, since it is not about a useal install.

I'm not sure if they did it for Mark Pilgrim, but there is now a new input option, "slugs", so you can make you own custom URI's. Another major feature (for me) is that I can keep my WordPress files in a separate directory, instead of everything based in the root. Previously, I did this using a hack, but that only worked for most options, not all. Now there is an option for it everything works perfectly!


  1. Slugs were a common request, but yes, I was one of the people who requested it.

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