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IE7 - version 0.6

Dean Edwards released a new version of Internet Explorer 7. It now supports:

The best thing is that the files are cacheable and that it supports Internet Explorer 5.0! Although it is a hit of 20kB it has to be loaded only once, not for each page request and not for future visits. If you also take in account the amount of markup you can remove for every page there is probably still some overhead, but the effects you can use are just great. Having some dependecy on JavaScript isn't that bad, since most of the site will still be useable, it will only be less attractive.

O, and people who think that the real Internet Explorer won't get updated because of this, get real.


  1. [...] their browser shipping with Longhorn will not support CSS-2, CSS-3, and XHTML. (citations: Anne's Weblog about Markup & Style) [...]

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  2. Nice work... What I like even more, is the fact that you can now choose which component you use. So the total file will be 20kb, but the actual size depends on the features you use.

    I'm very curious if Microsoft is looking at these kind of solutions. It would be in their best interest (even more marketshare) if they "adapt" the standards, but on the other hand: these extra's work (as behaviours are intended to be used according to MS). It would be nice if MS released some kind of roadmap for IE7 to let us know what we could expect.

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  3. some people are experiencing javascript errors testing on a slow connection. this is probably due to a timing error. i'll work at providing a patch release as soon as possible.

    alphaware alphaware!

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  4. In fairness to the size of IE7: it compresses to about 10K with Dean's Packer. His site is truly a natural resource!

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  5. I could hug his man.

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  6. Wouldn't it be more useful if instead of supporting the "namepsace | selector", it supported the 'namespace | selector' ?

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  7. there's a namespace|selector now!?

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  8. I love this! This is a must-bookmark!

    Another motivation to go the standards way... Keep up the good work, Dean!

    PS: You know how bad it's going when we have to start to rely on third parties to make Microsoft's products work. :-)

    Another PS: Anne, am I supposed to put my smileys in abbr tags?

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  9. O, and people who think that the real Internet Explorer won't get updated because of this, get real.

    It's not that IE won't be updated because of this; it simply isn't being updated regardless. Except for support of Microsoft's proprietary eye candy, of course. Take a look at the seventh paragraph of this missive from Ian Hixie for testimony from the horse's mouth.

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