Anne van Kesteren

Status 410 - Anne is Gone

Last year I went to France. This year I'm going to France again, what a coincidence. However, after one week we travel a bit and stop in Barcelona for another week. I hope I won't be able to touch my e-mail in those two weeks and I also hope that Mark has a nice vacation in London; I'm writing that here, since he left too early, as always, on IRC.

Comments for the last five entries will stay open. If there is any comment spam after two weeks that has been done by a machine I know I can happy; finally tools that write well-formed XHTML!

Vacation! No e-mail, no you :-). I'm going tomorrow.


  1. Have a nice holiday, allthough I will miss your interesting articles :)

    Posted by Christoph Wagner at

  2. Sorry, Anne! Have a good trip, don't read your e-mail, and I'll welcome you back in two weeks (my holiday doesn't last as long... poor me).

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  3. Have a good holiday. I advice you to stay away from anything computer related and just have lots of fun. It's a hobby after all, if you do the same thing on your holiday location you can as well stay at home! :D

    Posted by Frenzie at

  4. Have a good trip, get back in one piece! :)

    Posted by Faruk Ates at

  5. Are you really 410? Never to return? Should we really stop looking for a resource? Or perhaps is it only temporarily misplaced?

    But if you are really gone, fare thee well. It's been fun.


    Posted by Moose at

  6. Have fun!

    Posted by Randy Charles Morin at

  7. I just love Barcelona and try to visit it at least once a month. But spending a complete week of my holidays in a city would drive me crazy. Catalonia has so much more to see than only Barcelona...

    Posted by Jeroen at

  8. Enjoy your holiday, Anne!

    I need one too, but I am unluckily not as fortunate. :-)

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  9. I hope you don't get withdrawal symptoms and end-up desperately searching for a cyber café in France, have fun young man.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  10. have fun, great site btw :)

    Posted by flump at

  11. *blinks as he notices Kura amongst the commenters*

    Is it me, or is this world getting awfully small?

    Anyhoo, hope you're having fun in Barcelona (*looks at date* yeah, should be by now), Anne.

    Posted by Sander at

  12. Sander! :D

    Funny how that works, isn't it? I met Anne like two weeks ago, and to find you reading his site AND Eric Meyer's site and encountering you in the comments AND realizing you're still not home (when ARE you getting back?) and all... yeah, it's a pretty damn small world. :)

    Gotta love it though :)

    Posted by Faruk Ates at

  13. Since this is a blog about Markup and Style, I'm not going to comment on the fact that 410 is a permanent error, indicating that you're not planning to ever come back from your holiday. :-)

    Posted by Arve at

  14. "Back"? Heh, not for another 13 months or so - I'm still in kiwiland right now - flying over to Oz by late August; just wrapping up a contract job doing web development atm. (The client has no idea that he's getting semantically meaningful and standards compliant sites, but hey, I doubt they'll complain.) ^_^

    And of course I read sites like these (when I have the time) - anything even remotely related to Mozilla-development and web standards, really, though I rarely bother to comment. (I know Anne through the whatwg and #mozilla)

    *apologizes profusely to Anne for hijacking his comments like this*

    Posted by Sander at