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Fixed positioning

This post will hopefully be updated when I have done a little more (like explaining stuff and publishing combinations of three, maybe four columns), for now:

(This post supercedes: fixed positioning 2003.)


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  2. I've encountered a problem with fixed headers: if you jump to an anchor in the middle of the main text, that anchor will be scrolled under the header. I'm guessing there must be a way to resolve this, but I haven't figured it out.

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  3. This is very cool. However, IE puts the scrollbar next to the scrollable area, while Firefox leaves it at the window border (which is much nicer, IMO).

    Is there some work-around, other than using the IE-only scrollbar styling tags to make the inner scrollbar as invisible as possible (terrible for usability, but I've seen people try this)?

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  4. Well the nice thing is actually that in Internet Explorer, it just looks like you have used frames, which some clients appreciate (a rare few, I have one of them).

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  5. Nice!

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