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The weekend

This weekend I went to my third meeting (Rotterdam). All meetings were held within a short period of time. See also the meeting about world domination and the meeting in Utrecht. I met two new persons (in real life that is): Didier Hilhorst (yeah, that one) and Robbert Broersma (from the remake). Other people who attended were Mark Wubben, Faruk Ates, Arthur Lugtigheid and Egor Kloos. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Mark brought his camera with him yet again and now we have open directory with 9 photos. Sweet! There are photos of Egor and Didier, me and Egor, Faruk and Mark, me and Mark, all of us except Robbert, more of us, me again, Didier and Arthur and finally (and least) me and Egor again.

The only problem I had that day, Saturday 24th of July, was that I lost my keys. When I sat in the bus on the way to the train station in Utrecht I couldn't find them. I did find a bus ticket which was worth about €5,- though. When the meeting was over (14:00 - 18:00) Faruk, Mark and I went to a Mexican restaurant to eat some Taco's. They were delicious. After that I realized I probably couldn't go home, since I stayed at my Mom's home, nobody was at home (my "little", 15 year old brother Remy, stayed somewhere else). Normally I stay at my dad's house so I called him:

I have a problem.
I know

After he said that I knew directly I left the keys in the door of my mom's house, my brother found them when he arrived there and he had probably called my dad. My keys were dropped somewhere else, but before I knew all this Faruk already offered a Guest Room in his house, close to Leiden (yeah, that Leiden). Before we went to his house we first saw Fahrenheit 9/11 and I can safely say now that the world is completely corrupted and important people mostly care about money alone. It was really a great movie/documentary.

The next day I saw 50 minutes of Bowling for Columbine and at my mom's home I saw Paycheck (rented a DVD) and later the Tuxedo on Canal+. I basically did nothing that day :-). (Ok, I installed FireFox and a FireFox Chatzilla plugin to do some other things as well.)


  1. It was 58 minutes of Bowling for Columbine, actually. ;-)

    The meeting (day, weekend) was fun. On to Meeting #4, in two weeks! :)

    Posted by Faruk Ates at

  2. Heh, am I the only one wearing sunglasses on every picture? That's kinda silly now that I come to think of it.

    The meeting was fun, yeah. I hope I can make it next meeting.

    Posted by Arthur! at

  3. Looks tough. Nice to see that Robbert has a (budding?) site; he's passed on some great advice on our blog.

    Posted by Mike P. at