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Gmail accounts

Last time I gave away Gmail accounts for fixed bugs, now the first 10 people who respond (and need) get a gmail account. I wondered if people still needed them, but after reading A snarky note from the administrator I guess some people still need them...

Everything is gone.


  1. Gimme!!!! :D

    Graag als je nog over hebt! Ben al tijden op zoek :)

    Posted by SchizoDuckie at

  2. Hello Anne.

    I hate the idea of just posting a comment for an account, so I'll have to tell something at least distracting.

    I lived in the Netherlands when I was very young, from 3 to 6 years-old.

    I can't exactly remember the spelling of the towns names, but I think it was something like Bergen-an-See, not far from Alkmaar. I do not speak a single word of Dutch.

    And I love Gmail :)

    Posted by phnk at

  3. can I dump my 3 invites here aswell? I don't seem to be able to get rid of them.

    Posted by Hayo at

  4. Hello Anne,
    I'd really like to try Gmail!

    Posted by Marco Deseri at

  5. Hi Anne, I would take one, if you have one.

    Posted by Thorsten at

  6. Hi, I'll be happy for the account too!

    Posted by Emka at

  7. Hey, I want that too! :)

    Posted by Martin Cohen at

  8. Is there one more for me ?

    Posted by Marge at

  9. I hate this'd be my first post here, but since I normally don't get myself into markup and CSS discussions and I've been wondering where I could get a GMail account to see what Google is up to, it might as wel be the first.

    Care to let me have a look? :)

    Posted by Berend at

  10. Hi

    I would like to have one, too! Would be nice. :-)

    Posted by Konstantin Käfer at

  11. I'm saying nothing but is this one of the most searched for terms on Google?

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  12. # 12 So it appears to me that I am to late to obtain a GMail account. I think people don't actually need them, but would like to have them due to the fact you can't get one by registering.

    What actually is very nice about GMail, is that there are many nice tools available for GMail, like: GMail popup (which tells you when a new e-mail has arrived), exporter/importers, etc, etc.

    Posted by Woudloper at

  13. I've got an account, and I must I like the labeling-system. Also the fact that mails are 'conversations' is very nice...

    And, of course, I like the GMail-notifier.

    Posted by Blizt at

  14. Robbert, do you want one? Yes or no will do ;-). If Robbert wants one, there are still two accounts available, I just recieved more invites.

    Posted by Anne at

  15. I'm fine if you're referring to me; I have my own humble advert-free e-mail client.

    Give it to a more needy cause.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  16. Ok, 3 more accounts then.

    Posted by Anne at

  17. I would love one! I hate Hotmail...

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  18. I would love one!

    Posted by aida at

  19. I would like one please. I have no more room on hotmail!

    Posted by Mike at

  20. Damn, too late again. Well for now I don't [em]really[/em] need a big mail-account anyway.

    Posted by Jerome at

  21. Aida, your e-mail address is broken. Jerome, you will get the next invite I get, promised. (Unless someone is offering me serious money, obviously.)

    Posted by Anne at

  22. can you try sending it to this address please?

    Posted by aida at

  23. First time commenting here, but a regular reader. Keep up the good work, Anne.

    Also, if there are Gmail leftovers, I'm hungry.

    If not, that's coo' too.

    Posted by Nathan Logan at

  24. Another regular reader here - I'm a big fan of your blog, Anne.

    I've got two invites going spare - the first two to send their current email address to:

    Will get them.

    Posted by RichardPW at

  25. Got two accounts left too.
    Gimme a good reason why you want an account here:
    Language English or german.
    If there will be more then 2 comments, I will decide;)
    @Anne: Keep on blogging

    Posted by Christoph Wagner at

  26. To end this in style: Cute single girls get all my invites if they send me a picture!

    Posted by Hayo at

  27. I don't get it. Why do you follow this hype? Me, I'm too cool for this. ;-)

    Posted by Ben at