Anne van Kesteren

Three questions

  1. Extend or reinvent?
  2. Theoretical or practical?
  3. Netscape Navigator 4.x or Internet Explorer 6.x?


  1. Three questions, and you gave an unordered list

    1. reinvent
    2. practical
    3. Netscape

    Posted by Mario De Zutter at

    1. extend
    2. practical
    3. Netscape (why not 7?)

    Posted by Guido at

    1. Where would we be when nobody reinvents? Somebody's gotta look into to future. But for now I appreciate WHATWG more.
    2. Practical, always, but not necessarily WHATWG.
    3. IE6.0, because NS4 just sucks. (They haven't lost the browser war for no reason!) IE6.x is a whole different thing. ;-)

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  2. Mario, good point.

    Guido, Netscape 7 doesn't support either MULTICOL or SPACER.

    Posted by Anne at

    1. extend
    2. practical
    3. Internet Explorer 4.0 :p

    Posted by Jerome at

    1. Both
    2. Both
    3. Neither


    Posted by Sander at

    1. Extend
    2. Both
    3. IE 6.0

    Posted by Christoph Wagner at

    1. Reinvent (but sometimes extending is okay, too, especially if you're doing the two together)
    2. Practical (with a dash of theoretical thrown in, or brilliant ideas -- like the web itself -- would never see the light of day)
    3. IE 6 (For all the pains that IE brings, you can at least workaround most of its security lapses by changing security levels. You can't workaround the Netscape 4 costs (crashes, JS bugs, poor CSS), making its extended features an unjustifiable tradeoff.)

    Posted by Keith at

    1. Extend
    2. Practical
    3. IE 6.x

    Now I'm puzzled as to why asking three questions should be in an ordered list. IMHO, I'd say they're an unordered list because the questions could be asked in any order without losing the point. Whereas all of us answering, should use an ordered list. Anything else, really doesn't make sense to me.

    Posted by Devon at

    1. Both
    2. Both
    3. Neither! :-)

    I prefer practicality above theory, but some practical things did actually spawn from theories. I think many aspects of science began as theories, and without those we might not have been sitting with computers here today. :-)

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at