Anne van Kesteren

XFN 1.1

After reading XFN 1.1 Released, XFN 1.1 (Matthew didn't publish yet) and the profile I was reminded of the fact I still need to add a PROFILE attribute to the HEAD element and revise some relations. Will do so tomorrow.


  1. stupid wanna-be standard.

    Posted by flump at

  2. Well, that's not very helpful, flump. Personally, I may not have a use for XFN, but I certainly see the appeal. Perhaps you find that XFN is more of a "wanna-be standard" because it's drop-dead simple? Hmm.

    Anyway, it doesn't have any standisation aspirations. It's just a specification. A rather thoughtful and unobtrusive one, at that.

    Getting back on subject, the addition of the me value is indeed interesting in light of Tantek's thought on the matter. I shall continue to watch things, if passively.

    Posted by J. King at