Anne van Kesteren

Anne is on the move

Not a real HTTP 301, but just a normal permanent redirect within Zeist, the place where I live. I'm not sure how internet conditions are in our new spot and there are already plans for leaving one PC behind :-), but it could be that I'm not that much available as I am now. Besides, I'm a bit ill, I have some sort of virus infection, whatever that may be. I'll update the contact page when I know the address details. Below a list with posts that you might want to read. (Note: if you are using some sort of second hand aggregator, it might be the case that it doesn't understand the xml:base attribute and relative links, visit this site instead to be able to click on the links.)


  1. Beterschap en succes met de verhuizing!

    Posted by Ben de Groot at

  2. Beterschap!

    Just curious, are these articles that had the least page-views the last couple of months? (ha ha)

    Nice overview of topics btw. Exactly what have been buggin' our mind lately!

    Posted by BtM909 at

  3. Good luck with the move Anne.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  4. Although I've read most of the articles it will sure be interesting.

    Hope you are doing better soon and good luck with the move! :)

    Posted by Blizt at

  5. Make sure you don't stay offline too long :]

    Posted by Moose at

  6. Heh, our stupid internet provider messed it up. It's going to take another two to four weeks most likely. Really great; not!

    Posted by Anne at

  7. too bad, but are you better (you said you where ill)?

    Posted by Jerome at

  8. Yeah, I'm feeling better. Thanks.

    Posted by Anne at