Anne van Kesteren

CSS3 cursor support in Mozilla

A few days ago overflow-x and overflow-y were added to Mozilla, now there is support for CSS3 cursor values. At least, all but two, the 'context-menu' cursor glyph is missing for Windows and handling of URI values is not checked in yet. Besides, the fix for handling of URI values does not include CSS3 syntax, only CSS 2.1.

In related Bugzilla news, Mozilla now only supports the ID attribute for the OBJECT, IFRAME and FRAME elements in XHTML (meaning it doesn't support the NAME attribute anymore). Especially OBJECT is interesting, since you can now use the TARGET attribute in combination with OBJECT.


  1. Heh, you scared me there for a moment, I thought we'd broken ID on all the other elements.

    I assume this applies to XHTML served as text/html as well as application/xhtml+xml?

    Posted by dolphinling at

  2. No, only application/xhtml+xml. There is no such thing as XHTML as text/html. That's just invalid HTML. (Something I'm trying to make clear for some time here. Maybe I should put more effort in it? ;-))

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Maybe I should put more effort in it? Hell, no! ;-) Possibly, dolphinling meant that he would be surprised in a negative way if the answer was yes.

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at