Anne van Kesteren

Mozilla updates

Although there is a small chance you missed the news, Mozilla updated products and Firefox has new features.

In more detail, Firefox is finally moving from 0.1 to 1.0 (altough it isn't there yet). Thunderbird has been updated to 0.8. And the suite get's a 1.7.3 security release. (Should I mention the list part again?)


  1. Don't forget the compatibility improvements. Though calling it an improvement might be going too far.

    Posted by liorean at

  2. The greatest improvement for me is the vastly improved find-bar. (ctrl-f)

    Too bad the automatic bookmark syncroniser isn't compatible with 1.0pr1 yet...

    Posted by AkaXakA at

  3. i'm keeping ff0.9 set as my primary browser until all extensions i need are available for 1.0pr.

    thunderbird 0.8 is nice and stable, though, so that's replacing 0.7 right now. i only wish they had an easy "import from previous thunderbird" option...i always feel a bit queasy about just copying the contents of the profile folder into the new one...

    Posted by patrick h. lauke at

  4. I'm looking for the same thing, only I want to import it from Seamonkey (Mozilla Suite).

    Posted by Anne at

  5. Just a lurker, here.

    Anne, you probably know this, but it is not Firefox 1.0. It's 1.0PR, which is really just a fancy name for 0.10.0.

    Posted by Grant Watson at