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Be there!

I believe we organize meetings now. At least, Mark Wubben (from the improved Flash replacement thing) published something about November 6 on his weblog. It appears our meeting will be held in English, because someone who speaks Portuguese will join us. Arthur will most likely be there as well, though that's never a sure thing. Time and location:

November 6, 13:30, Utrecht Centraal Station (the "trefpunt").

I have the feeling XHTML will be discussed and maybe the project we started, but never did a thing with. Mark summed up some other topics on his weblog. See you there, or not.


  1. Yeah, I think XHTML will be discussed indeed...


    Posted by Faruk Ates at

  2. Although this was supposed to be a post Be there!, I'll comment quickly on your response.

    Firstly, I use XHTML because it is a personal site and I don't have the time to convert it all back. I could of course block Internet Explorer from my site like Robbert does, but that isn't something I want.

    Secondly, you make an argument about the strictness of XHTML. As you know, that is a problem, not a solution. Especially on the current, completely invalid web. Besides, I don't get the part why HTML isn't strict. Is a markup language only strict when it has some sort of defined error behavior? Because I believe HTML 5.0 will have that. A backwards compatible one which doesn't say no to clients.

    Thirdly, I'm glad you corrected that comment from Keith's site. Looks better now. Though you forget to mention that the most common mistakes are making the document ill-formed, like unencoded ampersands.

    Fourthly, claiming that it's a fact that HTML does not help spreading "web standards" is insane. Especially since you made it "strong fact". Your point there is also false. Dropping tables is far more effective. That's the part people will copy from your source code, not the other things.

    Finally, my primitive markup post was a general post, not HTML specific. And I'm using HTML for sites; you just don't point them out. Instead, you are referring to my outdated weblog that runs on templates from a year back.

    Posted by Anne at

  3. Yes, I'll be there!

    Posted by Hayo at

  4. Arthur's put it better than we all did. I'll be there!

    Posted by Rob Mientjes at

  5. Heh, he did indeed :-)

    Posted by Anne at

  6. Sorry about that guys ;)

    Posted by Arthur! at