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Fangs - Firefox screen reader emulator

Now it seems WAIZilla isn't going anywhere it's nice to hear about a new accessibility project, albeit it a bit different. Fangs is supposed to become a screen reader emulator for Firefox and is an extension intended for developers who want to see what kind of output can be expected from a certain page. An inaccessible screen shot can be found here.

You can follow the project (version 0.51 when I write this) at the Fangs project page hosted by


  1. ooh... now *that* is a useful tool!!!


    Posted by stefa at

  2. From what I have seen so far it does give a basic idea but it has some way to go before it is anything like a Screen Reader emulation - so far it's looking fairly good.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  3. I was looking at this tool (yesterday-ish) also. I think it's an excellent idea. At the moment, the best I can do to emulate a screen-reader is select text in Safari and have Vicki start speaking. I can now make good use of Firefox and have a better idea at how it sounds.

    As a mac user, I can't wait for them to finish the aquafication of Firefox. As a 10% Windows user and 15% Linux user I am quite happy with Firefox indeed.

    Posted by Paul Connolley at

  4. ;-)

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  5. [...] Acabo de descubrir una extensión para Mozilla Firefox que permite emular la salida de un screen reader. Un screen reader es una herramienta que permite traducir el texto que aparece en la pantalla del ordenador a palabras habladas, así se permite que una persona invidente pueda leer su contenido. El proyecto se llama Fangs, y es muy útil para validar la accesibilidad de una web durante el proceso de desarrollo. [...]

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