Anne van Kesteren

Which file extension are you?

You are .swf. You are flashy, but lack substance. You like playing, but often you are annoying. Grow up.
Which File Extension are You?



  1. sigh ... I'm a wildcard .*

    Posted by Jerome at

  2. .html... Is that a sign?

    Posted by Rimantas at

  3. I'm a .ogg? That should come in handy.

    Posted by Gez at

  4. Ogg Vorbis, ha! That's a whole lotta better than Windows ME in this previous test I did.

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  5. Funny thing, same as me...

    Posted by Hasematzel at

  6. Gah, my shame is overwhelming - I'm a .gif. Oh well, at least I managed to become a PalmOS in the OS quiz.

    Posted by liorean at

  7. I'm .mpg!

    Posted by Mark Janssen at

  8. With the OS test I was debian linux... wanna be slackware :P.

    Posted by Mark Janssen at

  9. .inf for me.

    Posted by Folkert at

  10. A featureless wildcard... :(

    Posted by Moose at

  11. yeah, I'm the first .pdf

    Posted by Christoph Wagner at

  12. I'm PDF as well

    Posted by Yorian van Leeuwen at

  13. I'm .jpg.

    Posted by Frenzie at

  14. I took this one a while ago and got .exe

    Posted by Vidar at

  15. I'm .mp3


    Posted by Rogier at

  16. .doc o_O

    Posted by Dennis de Grauw at

  17. It gave me .jpg, but I think I'm more of an .ogg.

    Posted by dolphinling at

  18. I'm .rpm. I am not entirely happy about that - I would have preferred to be .deb :)

    This is a very nice commenting system, by the way.

    Posted by Brian Meidell at

  19. .* as well.

    Posted by David House at

  20. .inf for me

    Posted by Chris at

  21. I am an .mp3

    Posted by David at

  22. Yep I'm .jpg always knew that. You are very colourful. Sometimes you forget things, or distort the truth. You like working with pictures more than words

    Posted by Joël at