Anne van Kesteren

Firefox 1.0!

Firefox is now available for download. (See also: Mozilla, Mozilla Europe and Mozilla Japan.)

For your information: the Dutch version has been postponed to remove words like webstek, bladerprogramma and similar translations as well as to improve the overall quality of the product. By the way, have you seen Firefox Start already? Hosted at Google. Time for new theories if you ask me.


  1. I had hoped the Firefox Start Page would be valid code, but instead they used the usual Google tag soup....

    Posted by Jeroen at

  2. "webstek"?, "bladerprogramma"?

    I mean, come on, those words suck. They shouldn't be translated.

    We're not French damn it!

    Posted by Rogier at

  3. It will take a while before the Dutch version of Firefox is really "good", I think. Although it is nice that it's available in different languages now.

    Posted by Kevin at

  4. It was on national radio this early morning about how M$ Explorer was prone to hack attempts and popup windows whereas this cool browser called: "Firefox" aims to prevent those things.

    I'm just waiting for a zipped no need to install version because I travel a lot so I'm still using PR 1 even though I have downloaded 1.0 while servers last.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  5. Heh, it was up on FTP about half an hour earlier than announced.
    As of right now Moz's http servers are totally swamped but if you have a direct link to an .exe, .zip or whatever it should still work...

    And even though the Firefox Start page isnt valid, its still fucking sweet

    Posted by Vidar at

  6. Time for new theories if you ask me. Well Google has this page hosted as well: I think it's more of a donation; since the mozilla servers aren't equipt to handle that many requests. And besides the page only says that you succesfully installed the browser.

    Posted by Joël at

  7. just a shame the google/firefox page isn't even html 4.01 transitional, but that's just being anal...and i wish they'd throw (even only temporarily) more power behind their servers on the eve of such a big launch...heck, took me 6 hours to get all my extensions off of update.mozilla and mozdev...

    Posted by patrick h. lauke at

  8. Well, I don't even bother with the Mozilla servers. I get an optimized build from a third-party builder and get my extensions from which is much friendlier than

    Posted by Ben at

  9. Firefox's page is much nicer than IE's! :-P

    Luckily I grabbed my copy very soon after release, so I didn't have any troubles. But is almost unreachable from my side right now.

    Since you guys are promoting the Dutch version of Firefox, might I just add that the Afrikaans version is also underway. :-)

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  10. Firefox's page is much nicer than IE's! :-P

    The Google IE page is meant for Pocket IE on PocketPCs, not Internet Explorer for Windows. That might explain the discrepancy.

    Posted by Vinnie Garcia at