Anne van Kesteren

Mozilla Europe, Dutch edition

About two months ago I took the responsibility to translate the Mozilla Europe website. Tristan Nitot, founder of Mozilla Europe, noticed there was a Dutch Mozilla IRC channel ( at and since there wasn't a Dutch translator he asked around and I told him I could do it. Of course, I didn't expect that my movement a week later would take internet offline for about seven weeks.

Even though I didn't have very much time to do it, the project finished yesterday evening when Peter van der Beken published the Dutch edition of Mozilla Europe. Thanks for that!

Without the help from Gert-Paul, Mark, Mark, Hayo, Erik, Martijn and people I forgot to mention it couldn't have been done. It still needs feedback; from you! published some information about this as well. You can either use the forum at (I read them) or contact me by e-mail. Thanks.

If you have more than spare time it would be appreciated if you downloaded the latest Dutch build and give some feedback on the forum. Please don't mail me about that.

For the all Dutch people. Thanks to Laurens Holst's review he mailed me at 300 the translation of Mozilla Europe is a bit more Dutch than before.


  1. Well done, Anne! Looks great!

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  2. Great work Anne!

    Posted by Jeroen at

  3. Applaus!

    Posted by Ben at

  4. 'Meer efficient'? Sorry hoor, maar dat is echt geen Nederlands wat er op die site staat.. Daar hebben wij hier gewoon het woord 'efficiënter' voor. Het lijkt potdikke wel of je de site gewoon door de Babelvis hebt gehaald.

    Posted by Bob at

  5. Ik had hem ook graag beter gehad bij release, probleem is alleen dat er erg weinig tijd was om alles nog is rustig door te lezen. Daarnaast krijg je op zo'n manier natuurlijk meer suggesties waardoor de problemen snel verholpen zullen zijn.

    Posted by Anne at

  6. Anne, you rock! You and the Dutch team have managed to deliver a great localisation right on time! Congratulations!

    Posted by Tristan Nitot at