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Today my second article was published. (See also: Article!) It has been published in after someone from that magazine asked me to write something. Unexpectedly, it's about semantics. Since the original HTML version doesn't use that much semantics (except for paragraphs.) I republished it: Structurering: Het draait om semantiek. Don't be confused by it's URI; there is no English version available.

You can also download the entire magazine. Besides all that, I would like to thank Mark for doing some structuring on my article. (So if you find any mistakes, you know who to contact.)


  1. Anne, you forgot a closing ) after contact..


    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  2. Any chance of getting an English translation of the article, Anne? Unfortunately, I don't speak Dutch.


    Posted by Stu Schaff at

  3. Wat me, wat betreft muggenzifterij, vooral opvalt is het afwisselend gebruiken van h1, H1 en H1. Wanneer me wordt gevraagd om grotere lijnen, dan moet ik zeggen dat de slotalinea een misser is: de conclusie is totaal verkeerd; het artikel gaat helemaal niet over de redenen voor semantiek. Het onderdeel dat verreweg het belangrijkste is, het voorbeeld, gaat over een ander punt, dat tot een andere conclusie leidt: in plaats van semantiek is nodig: semantiek is simpel!

    Sorry for being so harsh, but honesty is worth something too, right?

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  4. Right.

    I didn't spot the h1 in the text. Perhaps you meant the examples, but those are intentionally written in lowercase. Of course, I could mention something about release dates now, but I won't.

    Stu, perhaps. Although I guess you can find some of it in the archives and other things I have written. Not the same, but similar.

    Posted by Anne at

  5. Hey, not fair! I can't read it. :)

    (Mental note to myself: need to learn more languages. Three and a half is not enough.)

    Posted by Milan Negovan at

  6. I don't know about the nitpicking, but I thought it was quite a nice article. Well done!

    And for you English people: Stop complaining; learn Dutch. :-)

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  7. There's a typo: genterpreteerd missing the i. I'd have done the trema-i but it's making the browser go wonky :| and that just lost me my big comment... :/

    so I'll recap in a nutshell (that's not a redundancy ;p): at the end of your article, I mostly felt as if you'd written it to stress the case of better indexing by Google. Hardly the desired effect, I would reckon...

    Posted by Faruk Ates at

  8. Thanks Faruk. It seems that the editor I was using removed all non US-ASCII characters after I switched to UTF-8. I added the two characters back in.

    Posted by Anne at

  9. Just because in Holland they learn about five languages as children they probably find it amusing.

    Precisely the Language in which the page is written; though we talking markup - which would be American English - sorry for the feeble joke.

    Then you mention the blind Google and how it appreciates semantics but the article seemed rather brief though.

    Posted by Robert Wellock at

  10. I had to read the babel fish translation, and it mostly made some sense. Although the translation wasn't perfect, I got the main points, and overall, it was quite good.

    Posted by Lachlan Hunt at