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New feeds

Although I'm not planning to update my WordPress installation anytime soon, since it will probably take a lot of time with little added benefit I do have two new feeds. The perfect day for announcing such a boring thing is obvious, Sunday. (The day on which some Dutch website is closed.)

Since quite some time you can follow the most recent comments on a separate page. That page now has a feed (subscribe). I know I should turn on autodiscovery and such and I probably will do that soon.

The second feed is an RDF feed for HREF. If you want to subscribe using Bloglines you'd better subscribe to the Atom feed though, since Bloglines supports Atom.

A third change was to permanently redirect my RSS 2.0 feed to the RDF feed (RSS 1.0), since I do not like to promote that RSS format in any way and I do not want to be related with it. I hope your feed reader can handle HTTP.


  1. In the new HREF you've defined xml:base, but there are only relative links in the document... BTW: you do let me know when René tells you more about PHP5-support, don't you?

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  2. I fail to understand why there is need for a comments-feed. Seriously, are there anyone out there who enjoy's only reading the comments?

    I know you're wondering about the same thing, Anne.

    Posted by Henrik Lied at

  3. Comment feeds are useful if you want to follow all the discussions here easily.. as such it's probably only useful for Anne himself.

    Anne, make sure you moderate the comment feed, once a wrong comment appears there there's no turning back!

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  4. Mark, I do not care about that. And like I said in the summary of this post (not that anyone reads that), the feeds are provided on popular request.

    Robbert, I think you mean all links are absolute? Sometimes I use a relative link in a post and I use absolute links because I was not sure what every feed reader supports. It seriously sucks.

    Posted by Anne at

  5. Oh boy, I really shouldn't have made that mistake; I have seen way too much URI structures these days. (You know what I am talking about - opaque, relative, absolute, hierarchical, self-reference, you name it, I've programmed it ;-) I doubted wheter I should use "only absolute" or "no relative", and I ended up with a combination of both... But I see, thanks for the explanation.

    Mark: there are ought to be feeds of everything in the PWS, and to fill the gap any extra feed seems welcome to me.

    Offtopic: Anne, how about accesskey="p" for the preview button and accesskey="s" for the submit/save/post button? Wiki-style! And also accesskey="e" for the comment textarea.

    Posted by Robbert Broersma at

  6. Very cool, thanks for this feed, Anne. I was waiting for this quite a while. And I also agree with Robert there, there must be a feed for everything.

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at

  7. Are you sure you want to be associated with RSS 1.0? Semantically it's a disaster, full of ugly hacks to be (sort-of) compatible with RSS 0.9. By publishing RSS 1.0 you are poluting the semantic web.

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at

  8. Btw, where is your RDF feed? I've never been able to find it, and I'm now using a translation service to use your atom feed in Radio Userland.

    Posted by Sjoerd Visscher at

  9. Hmm, Userland. You can find it here:

    Posted by Anne at

  10. Anne, thanks! I can finally subscribe to HREF without having it mangled by some third party (Opera doesn't support Atom yet).

    Are you planning to add an RDF feed for comments as well?

    Posted by Arve at

  11. Yeah, eventually. Although I might switch to RSS 0.91 after having discussed this with Sjoerd next week or so.

    Posted by Anne at

  12. Hmm, some misunderstanding here. I was trying to explain why a comment feed is handy, not saying it shouldn't be done. Indeed there should be a feed for everything!

    Regarding "feed moderation", I'll be doing this for Novemberborn, if only because I don't like the idea that something goes out "there" via my website but without my knowledge.

    Posted by Mark Wubben at

  13. Anne, updating WordPress does not have to be a nightmare. Diff your revisions against the 1.2 tree, then apply them as a patch to the latest version.

    Posted by Basil Crow at

  14. Off-topic: Robbert, I'm glad he doesn't use access-keys like alt+s, since an accesskey like alt+s overwrites my hotkey for Sage ...

    Also read Improving accessibility with ACCESSKEY in HTML forms and links, especially this:

    You'll notice that we used numbers rather than letters. I would have preferred to use letters, but, unfortunately, when you use letters, there is a much greater likelihood that you will interfere with pre-existing keyboard shortcuts in either the browser or the assistive technologies (e.g. JAWS, Home Page Reader).

    Posted by Blizt at

  15. The comment feed is nice to have, too. Thanks.

    Although I might switch to RSS 0.91 after having discussed this with Sjoerd next week or so.

    I am curious. Why?

    FWIW, I chose RSS 0.91 for my own feed, because:

    Posted by Henri Sivonen at

  16. I discussed it a bit with Sjoerd on IM and it seems that RSS 1.0 is semantically flawed. I'm not that into RDF myself, but it was he did convince me though.

    Posted by Anne at

  17. Finally, I can delete you from bookmarks, and stop sucking your bandwidth. Why you have not done that earlier, is a mystery to me. Better late than never.

    Posted by Moose at

  18. I like the new ability to describe to HREF.

    Posted by Frenzie at

  19. Note to self: don't reply while sleeping. (I meant to describe to HREF via RDF of course)

    Posted by Frenzie at