Anne van Kesteren

Gmail for Christmas

If you still do not have obtained a Gmail account in some way, leave a comment with your name, last name and e-mail address. I'm going to give away ten accounts to start with.


  1. great X-mas present! Thanks, and a happy new year. :)

    Posted by Joop Laan at

  2. I can drop off some accounts too, let's say 5.

    Posted by Pieter Belmans at

  3. Merry Christmas. I've finally stopped receiving invitations from Google, and I'm kind of regretting it. I would like to sign up for some Google goodness.

    Posted by Paul Connolley at

  4. Wow, great idea ^_^
    Merry Christmas to all.

    Posted by Lukáš Polívka at

  5. Thanks, Merry Christmas! :)

    Posted by Rémy at

  6. Is it just me, or does Gmail hand away tons of new invitations? I got my first set of invitation when I joined, then another one after 3 months. Now, 3 months later I got 2 sets in less than 2 days...

    Posted by Patrys at

  7. Same here, I just got a new batch of invitations. I give them away at my Blog, 4 left for grabs. Funny enough, nobody seems to want any more Gmail invitations, the comments lay bare for the last two days...

    Posted by Guido at

  8. Thanks, and a merry Christmas.......

    Posted by Jochem Tijms at

  9. Is there any benefit to multiple Gmail accounts? I am trying hard to find another reason to get another account.

    I suppose I have too much time on my hands.

    Posted by Matthom at

  10. I think there are two simple reasons why Googles own e-mail service became so popular;

    1. Space.
    2. The advertising stunt.

    There is accutally nothing special whith the Gmail Account, but in the beginning you felt a bit exceptional if you had one and off cource you shared it with your friends and evereybody else did so too, even tough they allready had an e-mail account. Now, half of the world got one and Google still keep on sending out Gmail invations.

    Thanks to the dynamic of the web and the advertising stunt wich is a stroke of genius Gmail is a success.

    ByTheWay: I still got 6 invitations left. Leave me a note if you want a christmas present.

    Posted by Simon Zimmermann at

  11. Test for Atom comments feed.

    Posted by Anne at

  12. Merry X-Mas!

    Posted by Ingmar Friedrichsen at

  13. Well, would really like to try one.

    Posted by Jules van Velzen at

  14. Happy Christmas Anne.

    If you still have any I could put a Gmail account to good use.

    Posted by Ian Pouncey at

  15. I have 10 invites going spare if Anne's run out. Leave your details at if you fancy one.

    Posted by paul haine at

  16. I would like to try one, if you still have available...

    Posted by Quadsk8 at

  17. If still available, I'd like to get a gmail account, cheers

    Posted by Marek Möhling at

  18. If you give my a Gmail invite I'll list you on the "Credits" section of my upcoming website.

    Posted by Dante Evans at

  19. If you any Gmail accounts ledt I'd appreciate one.

    Posted by Paul Power at

  20. I also have some left, just mail me

    Posted by Charl van Niekerk at