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Last month I mentioned that it would be nice if some organization created some test cases so IE could be made standard compliant. Today I read about the Acid2 challenge to Microsoft (twice) and how that test could expose some bugs in “better browsers” as well. Here is my test: “Anne’s Acid2.”

This shows quite some rendering issues in both Mozilla and the latest version of Opera. Internet Explorer does even weirder stuff.

The idea of making a testcase is quite cool. A lot of display related problems can addressed in the testcase. Like PNG, CSS 2.1, even support for ABBR and Q can somehow be part of it. Lets hope it works.


  1. So ... could you tell us how it is supposed to look, for us not-so-learned?

    Posted by Björn at

  2. This is a good place to start:

    All the test pages are designed to expose an Explorer bug.

    I welcome the creation of this test suite and was a little disappointed to find just a simple holding page. At least (for fun) they could have chosen a page design that looks broken in IE... ;-).

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  3. That's all good and fine for HTML, but shouldn't an acid test really be something that should reveal display issues in HTML and XML (or XHTML)? Otherwise you'd need multiple test cases, rather than one.

    Plus, I'd love to see a test case that uses selectors. I think IE 7 would benefit HUGELY from an supporting all the CSS selectors, because it would not goof up old designs for IE 6. Degrade's gracefully.

    Posted by Devon at

  4. Well, since the current Acid2 testpage has an XHTML DTD they should only need to serve it with the correct mimetype to show at least one of IE's current shortcomings ;)

    Posted by Tino Zijdel at

  5. If you add <body> at the end of your test case, Opera will make the background for html lime.

    Posted by zcorpan at

  6. zcorpan, could you please file that is a bug at Opera.

    Björn, the background of the canvas should be green (lime). In the center of the viewport there should be a fixed black square with inside some more green. In the top left of that square there should be another square that has 50% of the width and height of the larger square where it is in. That square has a dark green color (green).

    Showing the difference between XHTML and HTML may be cool, but letting Internet Explorer support XHTML seems to be something non-trivial to me.

    Posted by Anne at

  7. I like it that your Acid2 has a simple end result. But the fact that it is a 'flexible' design makes it a little harder to judge if all browsers get it right. You can't produce a simple image to show how it should look.

    Posted by Rijk at

  8. I just looked at your Acid page with Amaya, which was pretty fun. It'd be pretty neat if Amaya had full CSS2.1 support...

    Anyway, first I got just a green screen. Then, after clicking somewhere, I got a small green square in the horizontal centre. And then, after switching to another window and back I got a huge big black border with kind of rounded corners!

    Try it, just for fun.

    Posted by Bj\\\\\\\\0rn at