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Opera 8 beta 3

On IRC and on the Opera support forums there were some rumors on the new beta and a download location (for Windows, English) was found. The release notes were also published online, but later taken offline. A copy can be found here (on the Polish forum; still in English though). (It seems that while I am writing this the release notes are back online. There is also an official announcement.) The most interesting part is probably “Display and standards” which says Opera now supports xml:id (xml:id specification) and SVG 1.1 Tiny (see the Mobile SVG Profiles specification). I guess there is some policy change regarding new features as the Opera site states that they normally do not add new features during beta.

I heard that SVG is a native implementation. So Erik Arvidsson might be right, although I heard from someone else (trustworthy) that he did not know of such plans. The support is mostly for valid documents as it seems. On most testcases I tried Opera, it failed. It also failed for a very simple xml:id testcase. I'm planning to make some more to see what is actually supported from that attribute. The bugs I mentioned a few days ago aren’t fixed either, although that is understandable because they are quite complex.

Have fun playing with the new release.


  1. More testcases for xml:id and they all fail:

    Posted by Anne at

  2. Tests 001 and 002 work in Opera 7.54u2. (So has xml:id always worked in Opera?)

    Posted by Chris Hester at

  3. I can't test the Opera 8 beta; however, does it work with the dastardly, evil `xmlid` attribute?

    Really, namespaces are NOT hard: they don't add much to existing applications and those who dislike them with a passion (read: Doctype people) should just skip XML and use SGML instead. Everyone should just accept xmlns and move on. This internal bickering is getting tiresome.

    Posted by Jimmy Cerra at

  4. No, it does not. But I wonder if it supports xml:id at all.

    Posted by Anne at

  5. xml:id support has been removed from the changelog. The support was premature.

    Posted by Anne at

  6. The new Opera version is really nice.

    Posted by Daniel at

  7. Maybe this is a stupid question, but does all SVG testcases apply to SVG Mobile?

    Posted by Joel at

  8. They do not support CSS for SVG, which makes them fail quite a lot of testcases. I am not sure if every testcase applies, but I think they should pass all in the end.

    Posted by Anne at

  9. I tried the SVG animation I created a while ago in Opera 8.0b3, and although it yields *some* result, it is clearly not working fine :). But, this is regular SVG, not SVG tiny. I wonder! Too bad I don’t have a PDA/phone with SVG support.

    P.s. I do have a Nintendo DS now, so if the Opera guys would port their browser to it using its wifi capabilities... that would be cool ^_^.


    Posted by Laurens Holst at

  10. Speaking as both an Opera fanboy and a Nintendo fanboy, I have to say that I love that idea.

    Posted by paul haine at

  11. Hmm, Opera does support xml:id, foobar:id as well as anynamespaceprefix:id in text/html documents. Just brilliant! :-)

    You can find the testcases for that in the same directory 001-004 are in.

    Posted by Anne at

  12. I' courious to read your opinion on Netscape 8 Beta instead of Opera 8!

    Posted by ben at

  13. SVG works in a mixed XML document but it is quite limited since it fails on DOM support and has no CSS support. I can undertand the reasoning not to support CSS (SVG not compatible with CSS) but DOM manipulations are crucial.

    Posted by Erik Arvidsson at