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Site CSS update

In the end I did not really like all the black and default link colors. It was interesting to experiment with it, discover a few browser bugs and see how far you can go with the em unit. (I am still using that one, by the way. However, that might change as Henri pointed out some issues.) I tweaked the CSS file a little to add some colors and removed the position:fixed stuff.

For Opera fans, I stored the bugs I discovered in Opera. Here are two very easy test cases for them:

Mozilla has some scrolling issues with the latter. Not sure what that is about. Hope you like the changes.


  1. Huuuuhhh, better!

    Visual appeal is sometimes not so unimportant ;)

    Posted by Christian Machmeier at

  2. Anne, 'test' is still in your menu, linking to a directory index. I guess you forgot to take that out? Ivar

    Posted by ivar at

  3. Ivar, that's always been in his menu intentionally :) It contains test suites.

    Anne, much improvement, having at least something that classifies as styling, so as to please the eye. I very much like the giant headings :)

    Posted by Faruk Ates at

  4. It's a known bug present in Opera since 7.0 beta 1 (november 2002). Nothing new.

    Posted by Moose at

  5. I'm very happy that the fixed header and footer are gone.

    I don't like the fact that links in the header (Menu) behave like normal links. They're permanent and so their aspect shouldn't change according to the "visited" status.

    I like this better than the all-black design, but I still would rather see the old design come back.

    Posted by ghola at

  6. I like it (better than the previous (which was better than the previous)). :) But why a fixed pixel-width? And why pixel font-size (which fixes the text size in IE)?

    Posted by zcorpan at

  7. yep a lot better :)

    Posted by Joël Kuiper at

  8. Fixed positioning is my biggest headache in IE7. It gets quite complicated when you have elements nested in other relatively/absolutley positioned elements (and combinations thereof). I'm gratified to see that other browsers have problems too..

    Posted by Dean Edwards at

  9. Better!! Like the simple and red design!

    Posted by Jort at

  10. It's better but I much prefer the original design. Bring back the "CSS Sucks" Guy!!!

    Posted by MikeyC at

  11. Better :)

    Like the red, rounded corners, and headings. Though it’s still a bit minimalistic, it is obviously intentional but I dunno... One or two little graphical gadgets might be nice.


    Posted by Laurens Holst at

  12. This is certainly an improvement over the previous "fixed black" edition - wasn't really a fan of that one. I do quite like this one though!

    To be honest, I find it no better or worse than the original "CSS Sucks" one - they're just... different. This one is certainly clearer and less cluttered than the original.

    It seems weird though, what with the current trends, to see a left-hand fixed width column - I almost expect it to be in the middle!

    Posted by Andrew Hayward at

  13. It's certainly better than the black and white, but I did like the original "CSS Sucks" design (although that statement on this site was rather confusing). Why not make use of an alternate stylesheet to keep the old one available to those that want it?

    Posted by Lachlan Hunt at

  14. On November 21, 2004 you said this, Anne, in your HREF's:

    -moz- things are always harmful and should never be used on the web

    Have you changed your mind? You use -moz-border-radius in this new design. I do think it is a nice touch, though, when I do view it in Firefox.

    Posted by Dustin Wilson at

  15. I like it. I'm quite a fan of minimalism; starkness accentuated with a few deliberate frills. So your new layout is right up my alley.

    Posted by Aristotle at

  16. Cool... Nice... Red...

    I like this one as much as the previous blackish one.

    Posted by Mathias Bynens at

  17. Dustin, because I am aware of the implications and because this is not a commercial site. (Quite cool that you found that statement though.)

    Posted by Anne at

  18. The previous design was unique. The current design is like any other ordinary blog. :( Of course the content is still unique. :)

    Posted by Thomas at