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Do you live in Copenhagen?

While this may sound like a joke it is a serious request. sIFR man Mark Wubben and myself just decided it would be fun to go to reboot7 in Copenhagen, Denmark. After all, who doesn’t want to meet the guy who was one of the first (if not first) to use CSS in a commercial project?

So anyway, as we are students who need to pay their hosting provider we obviously don’t have a large amount of money and besides; we like to have some company instead of sitting in some hotel room. So if you live in Copenhagen and got two places to stay from 9 to 12 June that would be more than welcome. If I wasn’t convincing enough, could you take the time to read Mark's much sadder story? Much appreciated.

(If you happen to go there by car…)


  1. How on earth is Douglas Bowman doing 2 conferences at the same time? He's doing stuff at @media 9-10 June... that leaves him only 11 June to do anything at Reboot... that's gotta suck, flying out at the end of a conference just to head to the next conference right away. :)

    Oh, and I won't be going there ('cos I'm already going to @media)

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  2. I'd love to keep you company while you are here and I could probably also arrange some sightseeing with myself as the host ;-) On the matter of finding a place to stay I am pretty sure we can work something out.

    I've lived here all of my life, currently managing a web consultancy specialized in webstandards and accessibility. I would therefore love to me you here - let me know at jacob (at) boetter (dot) dk if you are interested.

    Posted by Jacob Bøtter at

  3. I actually kinda know someone in Kopenhagen, but I don't know if she'd like you at her place... :P

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