Anne van Kesteren

Safari goes open source

Here is what we are launching:

  1., the new web site for WebKit, WebCore and JavaScriptCore.
  2. Full CVS access to WebCore and JavaScriptCore, our frameworks based on khtml and kjs. This repository includes the complete history of the project, so all patches past and present can be viewed.
  3. WebKit, the Objective-C API that wraps WebCore, is also being open sourced. It is in the same CVS repository.
  4. This repository is live. You can pull and build it today. As we improve the frameworks you can pull and run the latest and greatest. If you want to run a version of Safari that passes the Acid2 test, now you can.
  5. This repository is open. We welcome contributions.
  6. From now on bugs in these frameworks will be tracked in public at You can submit bugs in the open, view the status of our work, attach patches to bugs, and test code fixes to those bugs.
  7. A new public mailing list,, for development discussion of WebKit, WebCore, and JavaScriptCore.
  8. A new public IRC channel - #webkit on
The WebKit Open Source Project
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