Anne van Kesteren

Closing notes

I’m currently quite busy with work and I’m not sure if it’s bloggable so… Anyway, reboot 7.0 was fun! Sunday evening just before midnight I could go to bed again. That day Mark Wubben, Doc Searls, Ben Cerveny (Flickr, now does some freelance work for Sony Playsation, et cetera), Nicole Simon and some more people (please list your name in the comments if you happen to see this entry) went to explore Copenhagen. Doc Searls took some pictures. To go back a little more, that morning we had breakfast with the same people and Robert Scoble who I nagged the second time with a question about Microsoft, Atom and RSS. Keywords:

No more. In the train to the airport Cory Doctorow (we briefly saw him in Christiania earlier that day) of BoingBoing and EFF came to Mark and me for a small talk about the conference and such and Mark nailed it with saying that it wasn’t so much about the presentations, but more about the experience and conversations. After all, we have internet for the former.


  1. The event sounded great, I sure wish I could have afford to come, but thanks for giving us some info :)

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